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On Our Raiding System.

This post, I’d like to talk about the raiding system that Dkosmama, our Guild Leader, has instituted for the Wreck List.

New 80s are given a “G” rating.”G” raids are our “gearing” raids – other raiders can sign up, but the goal is to gear up, learn your class and spec, and practice endgame raiding. Our Naxx emblem farming runs are usually “G” raids.

Our casual raiders are classed “PG”. “PG” raids are shorter than our hardcore progression raids, to fit with the casuals that have the gear, dedication, and skills, but not necessarily the time. Hardcore raiders are asked not to sign up for these raids – these are for more casual players to see the endgame.

Our hardcore raiders are rated “R”. “R” raids are limited to “R” rated raiders. These are the people that spend their free time reading strats, studying their spec and class on Elitist Jerks, practicing their rotations.

Then we have the “PG-13” raiders. They are the raiders with the skill and gear to be an “R” raider, but the time to be a “PG” one. Casuals that get “PG-13” rating are assumed to be able to step in and pinch hit on any “R” raid, in the opinion of the “R” raid leaders.

Non-raiders are given an “NC-17” rating, like my gathering hunter. I’m both so bad at huntering and Shootie’s usually so busy gathering mats that I don’t expect to raid with her for a long time, if ever. My shaman will start as a “G” raider, as am I when I’m tanking – though I may be moving to “PG” when I tank soon if I can get upgrades, or even “PG-13” once I have my Frost priorities down.

Note that no group is “better” than another – players get different ratings on different toons based on their gear and equipment. Just because my DK DPS brings the boys to the yard doesn’t mean that my shaman automatically gets to run “R” raids as soon as she dings 80.

So, what do you think? Thoughts?

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  1. Anea says

    As a girl coming from a family who owned a movie theatre growing up, I /grin at your rating system 🙂

    I think it’s a very good idea for a system. Each rating group will benefit all the people in it, leave no one out because of their gear/time/ability, and gives everyone room to grow.

    Thumbs up, imo.

  2. Sarama says

    This sounds like a pretty interesting system and sounds like it would work out well as long as your guild is fairly large enough to fill out the raids. I don’t think I’m completely understanding the difference between “PG” and “PG-13”, though (they sound very similar).

    Maybe the “PG-13” raiders are just a little better geared than the “PG” raiders and will be able to keep up in an “R” raid whereas the “PG” raiders wouldn’t be able to seamlessly fill in for someone?

  3. MoodylonerDK says

    That’s it exactly, Sarama. PG-13s are not only able to run the endgame at progression level, as both PG and R raiders can, but are expected to read up strategies so that they can step in at any point to replace a missing raider in those raids.

    Which is how I defeated Saurfang before I beat Marrowgar.

  4. Miss Medicina says

    Wow, what a creative and interesting system. I like it a lot! As long as the guild is big enough, it sounds like there is something for everyone.

  5. @valkyrierisen says

    Love this!!

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