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Love is in the Air. Hell to the yeah.

So, the Valentines’ Day in-game world event, Love is in the Air, has started.

Normally, this is one of the more traumatic of the in-world game events, second only to the curbstompfest that is the Lunar Festival.

But, this year…this year they’ve revamped the holiday quests. No more dunking yourself in stink-pretty to get platonic advances from sexually-ambivalent NPCs. No more blind random RNGrage when Paddlefeet doesn’t drop. Again. Now, they give you a kit to surgically extract Lovely Charms from your fallen foes, which can go to creating Lovely Charm Bracelets. These can go to the AH to sell to lazy rich players, or you can give one a day to the faction leaders to get lovely stat-buffing cards, or love tokens that you can use to purchase buffing perfumes and colognes.

Before you ask, “Victory”.  Because extra attack power is a DPS DKs best friend 🙂 Although Forever is also thoughtful, and goes well with my Frost offtanking spec.*

Here’s the guide to the event. Take a look, and see. It’s like they designed the gifts and quest rewards to bribe me into participating. And, by Arthas, it’s working.

* In the interests of full disclosure, “Bravado” and “Stalwart” colognes also find favor.

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3 Responses

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  1. jnfr says

    I hadn’t even thought about what to do with the tokens yet. I’m just enjoying the easy exp for my numerous alts.

  2. Nashiira says

    You’ve yet to send me chocolate or the more traditional dead gnomes for the holiday. 🙁

  3. Pixelated Executioner says

    Don’t know if they’ve fixed it or not, but as of this past weekend, the Victory perfume was causing a minor bug for melee users. Several people in our raid groups confirmed that when using the Victory perfume on a raid, you were unable to use any melee combat abilities (for us DKs, that also meant Icy Touch was a no-no), but spells seemed to be working just fine for the enhancement shaman (for which that attack power will do you a fat lot of @#$%-all).

    Bravado cologne doesn’t replicate the bug, though. Odd.

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