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I Take A Stab At Lore: How Alive Are We?

Something that I’ve been discussing with those that understand WoW lore, with fellow guildies, and by my own searches on the Netherweb…just how alive are we deathknights?

I don’t ask casually – this is a major point with roleplaying deathknights. Sure, Baron Rivendare shows that there are many still living that would easily trade their free will for immortality, but our starting cinematic says straight out that we fell and were raised in the Lich King’s service.

Heading over to WoWWiki, we find that according to them we’re actually the third generation of Death Knights – the first being (if I understand correctly) Old Horde warlocks bound to the corpses of fallen human knights, while the second being the Scourge deathknights raised by Arthas from fallen paladins in the Plaguelands and Northrend. While we’re the ones that the Lich King specifically raised to reinforce Ebon Hold, we’re otherwise like the remaining Scourge¬† deathknights. We’re also listed among the undead, but classified (like the Forsaken) as humanoids for game balance.

This implies that we’re all former paladins, but as the Argent Dawn wasn’t limited by class as far as I know I don’t see how that follows. I’m unsure how canon WoWWiki is, at any rate.

Yes, I should be linking to the official site, but lore there regarding our metabolic status is sparse at best. If you find something I missed, please link in comments.

So, as far as I can tell, we’re undead – kind of an “undead plus” with most of the functions of the living, and eternal (the lore keeps referencing “immortality”) until killed. Items in game suggest that we can even sleep, although we’re trained not to and apparently don’t need it.

I wonder what else we retain from our living forms?

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3 Responses

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  1. jnfr says

    I think Death Knights are clearly a subset of the undead. And we all seem to retain a certain vampirish elegance from our former existence. Plus: booming resonant voices.

  2. DkosMama says

    And don’t forget the glowing bluish eyes.

  3. maachen says

    We’re not all paladins, just fallen warriors this time around. That’s why we get racial traits, like my nelfdk has shadowmeld. I still don’t get why Forsaken get dks when they are dead anyways, but it’s just a game, I should really just relax.

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