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On The Other Hand – Lunar Festival

Being a fan of Asian cultures – when I’m not Scourging the living – I’d think that I’d be all over the Lunar Festival in-game holiday.

I’d think this. And I would be wrong.

Okay, fireworks are good, and fighting Omen is interesting. Particularly with random Horde/Ally mobs of “whoever just happens to be standing around when Omen shows up”.

But Arthas damn, people! Whose bright idea was it  to scatter elders all over creation, in enemy cities and the ass-end of nowhere, and require you to go find and talk to them?

It’s almost as if, no matter the holiday, I’m forced to flag PvP if I want to complete the achievements and get the violet proto-drake. Fortunately I’ve given up on it long ago and now only try to collect ludicrous and inappropriate titles. “Elder Moodyloner” just doesn’t bring the lulz.

At least not enough to put up with this. Then again, dark chocolate and souls of the living aren’t enough to put up with that.

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  1. Anea says

    The Lunar Festival is actually my favorite holiday in the game – I was Elder Anea for quite some time. (Although I will say that mine does ring better than “Elder Moodyloner” does, ha)

    But to be honest, I’m really glad that I don’t have to do all of that business again this year. Last year I couldn’t even guilt Lus into coming with me – I was all on my own traipsing to the ends of Azeroth for the elders.

  2. Glynnda says

    I liked traipsing all over Azeroth, but then I’m a mage taxi, it’s pretty darn simple for me. Gave me a chance to knock a couple of random zones off of that “explorer” list, too, maybe someday I’ll dial down the ADD long enough to get that title.

    And I did love sneaking into both Ironforge and Stormwind naked at 4 AM and streaking through both cities and the tram without dying once, only to train a bunch of guards through Elwynn and get ganked by a passing dwarf DK just as I hit Hogger.

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