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Fail tanking is fail.

Tried again to get on the tanking horse.

Could not, for the unlife of me, keep aggro. I know I’m slow on the taunts and I need to rebind them to a more convenient key, but Arthas damn! I was reduced to Howling Blast, Obliterate, Dark Command, and Death Grip as my rotation.

And even then half the raid didn’t know I was tanking.

If I managed to get aggro right off, I could generally hold it for a while – but if I didn’t start with it I never saw it. Even after the other tanks handed off or died.

And the worst part is, I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

I’m close to the T9 shoulders – with the gloves that will give me 2T9. Then heroics like mad to update my ilvl 200 pants and chest, and my blue cloak. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet, sell Stormedge, and re-rune Tyrannical Beheader when I need to tank. the problem with this is that I won’t be able to switch between tanking and DPS as easily. I should also get a tanking sigil.

But right now, I’m close to DEing my tank set and calling it quits. Only reason I don’t is that I’m driving myself to master my class, and that means tanking as well – at least enough to reliably offtank when needed.

But the fatalism and continued failtanking is beginning to hurt my DPS as well.

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  1. Psynister says

    Gear is important and all, but your rotation is key to your threat.

    Are you marking targets? (and is the group following that?)

    Do the people you’re running with know that you need a few seconds to build your agro before they can go balls out on the dps?

    Are you doing single or dual disease? DW or 2H?

  2. lilrabbit129 says

    What content are you tanking? You mentioned raid, so I’m guessing its not 5-man heroics. I haven’t tanked much in the way of raids. It seems to me that I also have trouble “catching-up” to threat once I’ve started loosing it.

    Only advice I can give you is get your t9 ( or higher equivalent). T9 is the new T7. If the DPS in your raid are sporting T9+ then you’re going to have a hell of a time keeping aggro. The beheader is a good weapon, the extra DPS should help your threat output.

    Also, if you’re not having trouble surviving then possibly start moving gems away from mitigation towards threat generation.

    Just some ideas.

  3. MoodylonerDK says

    OK, I’m doing single-disease 2H Frost. I do this to make my priority system as easy as possible. I have Rune Strike macroed to Blood Strike and Obliterate.

    I start with Howling Blast. Sometimes I drop a DnD, Death Grip the caster into it, then HB when the caster’s buddies show up. When Obliterate is up I use it. When Rime procs I HB. When Killing Machine procs I HB or Frost Strike. I also Frost Strike when I’m full on runic. If none of these are true I Blood Strike.

    I have four seconds, right off the pull, when I get a rune blackout. If I use DnD it’s six seconds. Six seconds of terror. I will Empower Rune Weapon to get out of this.

    I tend not to mark targets in the guild runs, or get the RL to mark them for me.

    The raid we did last night was Sunwell – heritage for practice and for lulz. Sunday is the Naxxramas raid for training our new raiders – which I’m going to try to tank because I need training too.

  4. Baenhoof says

    Best advice I can offer, knowing close to nothing about DK tanking, is don’t give up. No tank starts out being REALLY REALLY OSSUM. It takes time and a helluva lot of effort.
    I’m having the same problems with DK tanking as you are, but I know its due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge about the class. You’re already way ahead of that though- you actually know your class. You know what does what and you’re set up for it.
    Just keep at it, and good luck 😀

  5. Darren says

    Being hit-capped is huge in holding threat, especially when the dps out gear you.

    [Moody] True. My tanking gear is hit-capped, though. Working on expertise cap. After that, I just don’t know.

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