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Notfail tanking is… umm, yeah you get the idea.

Talking about how confidence makes all the difference – I tanked H HoS with guildies this morning. Being guildies, being early in the morning, and being wildly overgeared (my kit a little  less so than the others, but 2T9 is still way over for most 5-mans) we ran it kinda sloppy and had a couple of wipes.


We gor a speed-kill achievement on Maiden of Grief. We managed to both wipe on and defeat Tribunal of Ages simultaneously. And we, all of us, had a good time.

They wanted to run more heroics and I need the emblems, but we were out of time so I left. And, for once, I left a tanking run not feeling like a failure.

Short update, but yeah. Not the fail tank.

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  1. Nashiira says

    Confidence absolutely is part of tanking. I’m glad to see it’s starting to build up for you!

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