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New Spec and New Look

So, you may have noticed a few changes…

I had to change the theme in order to accomodate @immamoonkin’s banner images. Right now it’s random, but at some point I’ll remove the text title, keep the normal views on the banner, and have the racy ones on mouseover. When I figure out how to do that.

Her art, by the way, is at You should go take a look. No, really. Go.

So, about my new spec – turns out with my 44/0/27 spec my bloodworms were wandering off, aggroing trash, and causing trash wipes. Bad bloodworms! Bad! Bad!

So, under the tutelage of more advanced raiding DKs in the guild, and carefully considering what I wanted out of a spec – namely pet and AoE so that I can move *and* do damage – I went with this Unholy 2H DPS build: 16/0/55.

I’ve noticed the lack of my glyphed and specced Death Strikes right away – I’m a lot more fragile now than I used to be. I was also getting about 300 DPS less, but that seems to be improving as I get used to the new rotation and start throwing gargoyles.

And yes, I need a new sigil.

Other than that, I’m damn near Ulduar-ready, especially with the new Hallow’s Eve ring.

Looking forward to feedback on the site update and on my new spec in comments. Oh, also got a WoW Armory plugin going, so that you can see my awful gear and attempts at Achievements. I’ll fix the 3D paper doll when I’m on a system that doesn’t have a screwed up Flash plugin.

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6 Responses

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  1. Chris Anthony | Duct Tape and a Prayer says

    Strange that your Bloodworms would have been causing aggro problems – I’ve never had mine aggro anything. Then again, I spend most of my time Frost these days, so your mileage obviously varies. 🙂

    I like the banners! I’ll be happy to send you the mouseover code if you like.

  2. MoodylonerDK says

    I didn’t think it was an issue either – but it did explain some otherwise-mysterious trash wipes.

    I haven’t tried Frost for DPS, I like bringing raid utility and I hear Frost is kinda damage spiky. What has your experience with it been like?

  3. MoodylonerDK says

    And yes, I’d like the mouseover code. And how to use it. In small words.

  4. jnfr says

    I’ve definitely had my bloodworms aggro random stuff around, but since I don’t raid it doesn’t trouble anyone but me 🙂 I do adore the squishy little guys.

  5. Syrana says

    I like the new banner! (As for spec changes…. I got nothin’ there for ya.)

  6. MoodylonerDK says

    jnfr: I liked mine too – I really enjoyed my 44/0/27 spec, and I’m hurting without the self-healing until I get used to keeping Bone Shield up. If it was just me I’d stick with it.

    But I do want to pinch-hit on raids, and it’s not fair to the other raiders.

    Syrana: Glad you like the new banners 🙂

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