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Because I Haven’t Updated in a While:

It’s been a while. Here’s some catching up:

I tried a Blood tanking spec for a while. Was asked to go back to Frost before I could update my spec here. And I’m OK with that.

While I really think I should be learning Blood tanking for Cataclysm, face it I like Frost tanking, and I’m going to miss it. It’s going to make relearning my class in Cataclysm harder, but it’s more enjoyable now. And hey, maybe with all the Tauren Paladins there won’t be such a call  for tanks. Yeah. I crack myself up.

My guild is moving the ICC 25 to Wednesday temporarily. They’re trying to get me in, and I really appreciate it, but it could be that I just won’t be able to negotiate a time that other people can handle. It upsets me, but I’m not upset at my guild. I really want to kill Arthas before Cataclysm. I don’t necessarily want the gear or the title – though it looks like the difficulty in getting into the progression raids has cost me a slot on the list to get Shadowmourne, and that upsets me more than I care to admit. Not enough to start loot drama in the guild – the people that are on the list are good guildies and solid raiders, and deserve it every bit as much and more.

Also, I may have more stories rattling around. I’ll inflict them on you when I must.

Speaking of Cataclysm, I’m guardedly optimistic about the raid changes. I think it will be much easier to gear up with 25s and 10s being equivalent.  And with more and shorter raids, there should be enough to go around. I’m not as sanguine about the Dungeon Finder change, as I have no idea where half the instances are to begin with, but I also hear that unlike Wintergrasp Tol Barad won’t automatically flag you PvP unless there’s a battle going on. That makes me feel a little better about them routing a quest hub there.

What else? Still at 4T9, though my DPS kit is ICC 25 ready. Saving up Frost emblems to buy 2T10 at once, though that war token trinket is very tempting. Leveling a mage, because it’s occurred to me that I haven’t leveled someone from 1 to 80 since WotLK dropped. And after Dancing with Runes and Six Seconds of Terror playing a mage is a vacation 🙂

That’s the highlights, pretty much. I’m ignoring Children’s Week as much as I can, despising once again being “encouraged” to PvP. That, last year, would be about when I realized I’d never get the “Long, Strange Trip” achievement or drake.

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  1. jnfr says

    Not sure if you have another drake, but you can get one via Wyrmrest rep. Or get a ton of random mounts and they’ll mail you an albino drake, which I think is incredibly gorgeous.

    I still like the Netherwings best, though.

  2. DkosMama says

    Hey Moody, I am really sorry you didn’t get the Shadowmourne quest. You can be next on the list after Avante.

  3. admin says

    It’s not you. There are a lot of people in the guild who put a lot of work into raiding that I couldn’t do.

    Not didn’t want to or didn’t try to. Couldn’t. It frustrates me that I see people with happy family lives raiding four nights a week, yet I am not allowed to do this, and every time I compromise it means I have to do more with less play time.

    And if I say that *just right* I’ll have all the time in the World to play, because I’ll be alone.

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