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The Return of Level a Healer Month.

We’re running short of healers four our four ICC 10 progression groups, so we’re going back to Level a Healer Month.

Looks like after the holiday weekend I’ll be dusting Shamwowloner off and trying to level her up as heals some more. I do have the new UI with Grid which should be making healing a lot easier. On the other hand, the low level dungeon finder healer queues were getting as excruciating as the dps ones in my last attempt, and this will make it harder to get Magey up to 80 before Cataclysm.

But we need a healer, and frankly what instance healing I’ve done I’ve enjoyed. It’s good to have things not my fault for once, and at this level it’s a lot less stressful than progression DPS or, Arthas help me, tanking.

So, suggestions for a low-level Shaman? So  far I have a brain-damaged-monkey Enhancement spec, but I can level Resto if it gets me healer training, or go with a standard Enhancement leveling spec. Suggestions? Also is Alchemy/Herbalism a good healer proffession combo?

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  1. Whosmymain says

    When I started my Shaman, I was exclusively playing it ad a RAF partner with my fiancée, so I could safely only have a Resto spec while she DPSed, but once she grew bored of her character, I went Ele. Well, I actually tried to level Resto in BGs, but I don’t recommend that as your only source of XP. I hear Enh is a better leveling spec, but honestly I didn’t try it until level 80 in ICC. I had never leveled a caster, so it appealed to me.

    Since you’re not 40 yet I’d choose a DPS spec, probably Ele because you have the +Sp heirlooms. Once you hit 40, though, I’d dual spec and start healing dungeons. That way you can still quest, but get quick dungeons an experience as a healer. I’d also recommend healing some BGs at that time too, though I’d skip BGs from 50-59 due to DKs. The BG healing is just another way to hone your skills. The most learning, though, is going to happen from 70 on. Those last 10 levels are going to teach you the most about end game healing than the first 70.

    I guess my point is try stuff out and find your groove while leveling until you get close to 80, then focus in more.

  2. Moochew says

    As someone who levelled a shaman as resto, all I can say is dual spec it at 40, and only use it for instances. Resto shaman are horribly, horribly, painful to level. Don’t do it. I wish to God I hadn’t done it. The low level healer queues can be fast at the right time of day, you just need to work out when that is! (I’m levelling a priest at the moment) Dungeons are a great way to get experience, (for example, one ZF run = 50% of a level at low 40’s) so now I combine them with “bulk” questing. I call it bulk questing because I grab the majority of quests for a zone that are all grouped up, and supplement quest XP with instancing (or PvP!) experience.

    With a full kit of the BoA caster gear, elemental is definitely an option for levelling now, along with the decent blues from doing low level random dungeons. You can actually have a workable +sp such that elemental is effective. If you care about min/maxing, your “best” profession combination will be enchanting & JC, or one of those combined with something else.

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