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IDP, We Hardly Knew Ye.

It’s official.

Not that we weren’t expecting it – with Blood being the tanking tree, and the presences being changed accordingly so that you’re not in the Blood tree in Frost presence tanking, it would only make sense that they’d remove the threat multiplier for Icy Touch in Frost Presence.

Still (though *ahem* I’ve yet to get my beta invite. Hint.) I’ve been hearing from other DKs that we are hurting for threat tools tanking in Cataclysm, and taking away a popular one that fits in our rotations can’t be helping.

Admittedly, what we need is some kind of AoE taunt. Death and Decay is great, but the cooldown is just too long. Often, I’d barely keep threat on a group with DnD, Howling Blast *and* Blood Boil. And there are times that the DPSers have been so outrageous – I’m thinking certain highly geared hunters mostly, but mages and locks as well – that even single target it takes Empower Rune Weapon and IDP spam to  keep the mob.

We’re having threat issues as it is. I don’t think taking threat tools away is going to rectify this.

But, still, we knew it had to happen. Farewell, Icy Dickpunch. It was good while it lasted.

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  1. Talthos says


    However, I was playing with the DK talents this morning (because like you, Blizz has yet to grace me with a beta key…) and to me, you could build a good 31/X/X build out of Frost that could tank, just as you could with Blood that can DPS.

    Now, I do not consider myself the master DK talent guy, but it seems to me the only thing setting Blood apart as a tank spec (in their mind) is damage reduction and self-sustaining heals, while Frost still maintains a lot of the RP generation and higher toughness/AV. Frost can put out more damage, sure, but that is not always the core of DPS; that damage is not always sustainable like other DPS classes (Rogue, Mage, Hunter, Lock, rawr…) and as you say, sometimes we end up spamming a non-ideal power to keep the aggro from the DPS-rank chasing player uninterested in the party dynamic (I AM looking at you, Hunters… for shame…)

    To sum up: I am not really happy with the new talent builds, and DK is topping that list (along with my lovely mage and paladin…) and believe taking more threat from some of the better rotation members (IDP, as you put it, is my primary right now for pulls and tanking on more than one DK) without filling in the gaps is just going to hurt the DKs more than they already are for Group and Raid play. They are going to be relegated to “backup tank” or “Off-Tank/Off-DPS”, without the ability to fulfill a clear role in the group.

    Anyway, my two cents. Not a pro-gamer, so take with a grain of salt. I will still stick to my Frost tanks as long as I can.

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