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Why I Started the Wreck List

I have, in other venues, discussed how the Wreck List was formed.  Today, I’d like to talk about why.

I’ve been in other guilds before. Good guilds. Solid raiders. Nice people. But, and this is a big but, I’d find myself watching what I talked about in guild chat. I’d soon learn that there were subjects that I could not talk about – politics, rights, equality, feminism.

Soloing was worse – General and Trade chats were infamous, and still are for the hostility. Arthas, you know this. You’ve seen it. And I was trying to level, and I couldn’t talk to my guildies, and I couldn’t talk to anyone else.

I thought it would be something, not to have a raiding guild or a PvP guild or a leveling guild, but to have a liberal guild. A guild united not by what people did in game, but what people were like out of it. A guild that, founded on the principles of the Daily Kos, would have guildies of varying interests – raiders, PvPers, levelers, crafters – working together to demonstrate liberal principles to WoW and demonstrate WoW success on Daily Kos.

While the organizing and the original recruitment was based on Daily Kos diaries, I didn’t intend for us to be exclusively tied to the site. As I envisioned us recruiting WoW players from Daily Kos, I also envisioned us recruiting Kossacks from WoW.  There are eleven million WoW players, and I wondered how many of them needed the haven from bigotry, misogyny, and racism that we could provide.

I don’t pretend to have come up with the idea myself. Look at Proudmoore. Still, we’ve gone from an offhand comment in Cheers and Jeers to a large, respected, and successful guild, and after getting the signatures on the guild  charter very little of it was my doing.

I didn’t start a raiding guild, or a crafting guild, or a leveling guild, or a social guild. What I wanted was a guild where we could all work together equally, where a person could lead a raid or grind a profession and not be thought better or worse for it. I wanted a guild where who you were didn’t matter as long as you pulled your weight and didn’t hate on your guildes.

And, in a large part, this is the guild you’ve made.

You wanted to hear my further instructions. For those readers on the quest, your next step is to find a hunter dressed as a pirate in a pirate town this weekend. You may also want to remember the letter W.

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  1. DkosMama says

    Moody, that is just beautiful. Your experience was my experience to and then some. Playing this game and being a woman can be tough. I’ve been in guilds where I was ignored and guilds where I had guys trying to hook up with me. “Sure dude, buy me a fancy bow, and I’ll give you my phone number and let you send me pictures that I don’t want to see.” Ewww. And no thanks, I can afford to buy my gear and then some.

    Then I saw your diary on Dailykos and knew I had found a home. I am so honored to be the guild leader of this wonderful guild full of wonderful people.

  2. Merkurite says

    I remember that post in CnJ. It lead me to the eventual diary and I waited 3 entire months before I broke down and “rolled a toon.” I didn’t even know what that meant at first, having never played any type of online game before. It is a pleasure to be in this guild.

    Thanks, Moody!!

  3. Suluca says

    Bless you Moody. Though I stumbled across your diary at Daily Kos, I was one of those loners playing WoW…not a “loner by choice” but simply a solo player to save my sanity. I’ve played RPG’s for years…but WoW was my first multi-player online game and though I loved the wide ranging experience of questing and expansive game play…I recoiled from what I encountered in trade chat, interaction with some other players, and the two guilds I joined – briefly.

    As an older person, as a woman of color, as a progressive I felt I was adrift in a swamp of sewermouthed haters, and learned quickly how to shut off trade chat and to be wary of grouping with others, who took my toon at face value, never thinking about the real person sitting at her computer.

    When I found WreckList at DKos, I knew I had found a safe haven.

    Muchisimas gracias/many thanks to you and those who supported this guild from the beginning.

  4. Maureen Lycaon says

    Can I just stand here and applaud quietly but sincerely from the sidelines?

  5. Tam says

    I really enjoyed my time in Wreck List. You guys are a fun bunch. As a modern society, we need places of tolerance where people can find safe havens to enjoy their recreational activities whatever they may be. Live long and prosper, Kossacks.

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