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So, patch.

Well, here we are. Our talent trees “simplified”, our rotations moved over to priority systems, Defense gone, rune recharging changed, and Frost and Unholy tanking gone for good. What do we have?

Unholy: Apparently, since everyone who knew what they were doing took it anyway, Master of Ghouls is now included in selecting the Unholy tree. And what’s this Dark Transformation noise? Oh. Oh my Arthas in Icecrown. Also, Festering Strike to even out our rune usage and keep our diseases rolling.  The presences have been reworked and we now fight in Unholy presence for the added haste and faster rune regeneration.

Thanks to those fine people over at Elitist Jerks, we have a suggested build (4/0/32) that, once Cataclysm drops and we can level to 85 (7/0/32 +2) gives us two floating talent points.

Frost: Nashiira, and many other Death Knights, will be happy to see that 2H Frost is, if you’ll pardon the phrasing, alive and well. Here’s the suggested build: (3/31/2) I may go to this as my secondary spec if I give up on tanking.

Blood: About tanking. Yes, *all* about tanking. Our tanking talents live here now. Hello,  Bone Shield. I hope you write. Yes, I miss you in Unholy DPS too. As far as builds go, I went with this 33/0/3 +1 one, because apparently Bloodworms are cool now. Rune Strike goes on the action bar – it’s apparently on the GCD now, and a certain crabby blue says that it will be useable in Blood Presence without having to come after a dodge or parry. With the Resilient Grip glyph turning Death Grip into a spammable taunt for bosses as well, and with Dancing Rune Weapon’s glyph increasing its threat on top of that, I’m beginning to see why DKs are the go-to tank post-patch.

Until they nerf us, that is.

Well, my connection issues will hopefully be resolved soon (you try getting consistent Netherweb access in Northrend sometime) so I’ll be able to post more and try out these lovely new toys. And yes, by “toys”, I mean “ways to kill things”.

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