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Yes, I managed to break a bunch of things updating. I’ll fix them as and when I can.

Last night, after strong urging by my guild, I was able to join the progression team in the assault on Icecrown and after working through several bosses I’d only wiped on previously and more that I’d never seen before (Hello, Sindragosa. Pleased to meet you. Now drop dead)  I was able to finally, finally meet the Lich King, Arthas Menethil, in combat.

Though I got trapped between a Defile and Everlasting Winter and went down like a warlock in the Deeprun Tram, I managed to last long enough to help and not make it harder for the crew, and was able thanks to a timely combat rez to land one of the final blows on the Lich King.

After a few surprises, the one that I can talk about being that I still exist, I’ve spent the night walking Northrend, contemplating our failure to rescue Bolvar and what it will mean for the already shaky peace with the Alliance. I would like to find some out of the way place in Mulgore and contemplate a life of peace, but the Horde will always need something killed, and it is after all what I was made for.

Besides, I should really look into those earthquakes I keep  hearing about.

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