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The Tournament Guide For People that Suck at Jousting.

Look, I’m horrible at jousting. This ritualized Argent combat where you use a stick to push someone else off an animal, then leave them alive, confuses and frightens me.

But, the Tournament has a lot to offer the casual player – one-stop rep grinding, a bunch of dailies, and as soon as you champion at least one city you have mounts and pets and some decent gear.

Plus, there are heirlooms available once you get exalted with the Argent Crusade.

Unfortunately, there’s jousting. Lots and lots of repetetive, awful jousting. Well, if you follow my advice, your jousting trauma will be reduced to Up to the Challenge, The Aspirant’s Challenge, and The Valiant’s Charge. The Valiant’s Charge you’ll have to repeat for each city, the other two you’ll never have to do again.

Note that I’ve linked to the Horde side quests, but it should be the same for you Alliance.

Now, you’re going to have to accept that you’ll be going through this a little more slowly. Why? Because two of the dailies – The Grand Melee and Among the Championsyou will not do.

That, right there, is step 1 of how to do Tournament dailies without pulling your hair out.

But what, you may ask, about At the Enemy’s Gates? Here’s another tip for you – helpfulness usually pays off.

When At the Enemy’s Gates becomes available, start looking for groups for Threat from Above and Battle before the Citadel. Neither of these quests will be available to you, but you can help others complete them – and At the Enemy’s Gates and Battle before the Citadel are at the same place. Odds are people doing Threat/Cit are better jousters than you are. I am fortunate in that my guild has a good number of people doing the Tourney, so your mileage may vary.

When you’re doing Citadel/Gates with your group, take a support role – let one of your group engage a Lieutenant or Commander, then gang up on him. Throw Shield Breakers into their backs. If you get the attention of one, throw a Shield Breaker then run. Your group mates can then likewise hit the opponent from behind. You have a ranged attack, use it. Onlly melee when cornered or when the opponent has no defenses left. Be sure to replenish your mount, and the quest will be completed surprisingly quickly.

Stop looking at me like that, Tirion. No, I mean it.

Now, you’re avoiding any jousting daily but Gates (there are some in your first rise to Valiant that involve beating up on targets. Go ahead – targets don’t move or usually hit back) accepting a slower rate of gathering marks in exchange for not getting repeatedly roflstomped by Valiants.

But as I referred to above, you won’t be able to avoid Up to the Challenge, The Aspirant’s Challenge, and The Valiant’s Charge. This strategy is the least miserable one I’ve come up with so far:

Before you start the fight be sure to have your shields up to full. Keeping your shields full will be what gives you the win.

When you start the fight, as he’s talking, stand right in front of him and spam Melee. You’ll start hitting him as soon as he goes hostile. Be sure to hit your shields as often as you can to keep them up.

Pretty soon he’ll get tired of duking it out and back off to charge. You may look at the awesome damage that Charge does and want to do the same. Do not ever do this. Charge is a trap.

The other part of the strategy is that the minimum range for Shield Breaker is less than the minimum range for Charge. So, when he rides away, throw a Shield Breaker as soon as you can and follow him. Be sure to follow him before he hits Charge range or the cheater will instantly throw one or two Shield Breakers and charge you.

Close to melee. For a bit, his shields will be weaker than yours, meaning he takes more damage from Melee. Spam Melee, hitting your shields as often as you can to keep them up.

Lather, rinse, repeat. This is not a clever or stylish way to win, it is a long, slow, brutal battle of attrition. But if you can keep your shield at full, and only knock his down a bit a few times, you will win.

You will probably need more than one try – the first time I did Valiant while I was working on that strategy I nearly threw my puter out the window. You will be meat in the hands of any experienced jouster. But that will get you through the challenges. And, while you will still suck at jousting, you should be able to easily defeat the Black Knight in your duel.

In short: Follow the quest chains.¬† Don’t joust. If you do joust, joust Scourge and hit them in the back. That’s how I’m doing it, and it seems to work well.

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  1. jnfr says

    What level do you hit the jouosting, Moody?

  2. MoodylonerDK says

    Looks like the quest becomes available at level 77. It would be easier for someone that had flight available, at least a Loaner Gryphon.

  3. Nevik says

    Charge is definitely not a trap. It’s vital to besting the computer quickly. I blogged about jousting and gave some tips. You can find that blog at:

    There is a small revision I’d add in terms of better describing the “dance” for weaving in shield-breakers. After I charge I’ll circle back and toss a shield-breaker and then thrust when in melee range.

    At this point I strafe away from them to get to shield-breaker range and once I hit that precipice, I toss it and immediately close back into melee range for another thrust. I then strafe through the computer and attempt to repeat the process.

    If you get lucky with being able to strafe away without the computer changing directions you can get 3 shield-breakers and thrusts off before they turn away allowing you to get a nice charge in on them. If the computer is cooperative I can down a champion jouster within 20 secs or so.

    Alternatively, if you have a friend around and willing to help, they can attack the computer from the ground (your friend cannot be mounted) and speed up the process providing that you keep their defenses down as much as possible. (I’ve helped random jousters with my DK, but if they don’t bother shedding off those shields, my DK will only be dealing 300 pt heart/death strikes)

  4. MoodylonerDK says

    See, Nevik, that’s because you’re good at jousting. And, while that’s an excellent strategy and very helpful tips it doesn’t work for me yet, whether due to latency, not having the keys down, or just pure dumb luck using that strategy gets me clobbered.

    It takes skill and practice to get that balance down, where Charge becomes the most useful tool in your arsenal. But for those of us that don’t have the practice, and may be unable or unwilling to achieve the skill necessary to use it correctly, Charge is a trap.

    I enjoin, however, any of my readers that are unsatisfied with just getting through the joust and that want to become expert at it, to follow the strategy Nevik describes.

  5. DkosMama says

    Here’s another strategy. Stand behind the guy you are going to joust with. Engage and then start backing up. As soon as charge comes up, hit 3, then start spamming 1. It can’t charge you until it gets enough space from where you were originally and then turns. Meanwhile you have completed your charge and can circle around behind it. Throw a shield break as you close to melee. Then melee it down. Getting this first charge in means that you are never behind.

    I’m really good at jousting now after six months of doing it almost every day. lol

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