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So, patch 4.1 dropped.

Well, here we are with my slightly boosted diseases, my slightly nerfed AoE threat, and my brand new battle rez.

Going into 4.1, it’s plain to see that the developers have addressed the complaints about the length and difficulty of the Cataclysm heroics. Unfortunately for the critics, they chose to do so by making Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub even longer and more difficult. My guildies have described them as five-man raids, which I haven’t heard since we were beating our heads on the brand-new Cataclysm heroics…or wiping on Loken back in the dim and misty WotLK beginnings of the guild.

I haven’t been able to use my  new battle rez yet, as the only thing that I was in that people acually died in was a speed Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle run, and I had lost the tank and was busy offtanking some mobs with my DPS gear and spec. I’m really going to have to go back to Elitist Jerks and see what’s up with the theorycrafting – I seem to be taking way more damage. Enough that I finally hotkeyed Death Strike to use as a self-heal. The only thing I can think of to do to improve my survivability is drop into Blood Presence – and won’t my tank just love that?

Speaking of tanking, fool of a Moody spent Justice Points on heirlooms instead of tanking gear, so between that and my  normally atrocious relationship with the RNG, I haven’t tanked anything  but regular Cataclysm dungeons.  Also haven’t been doing much raiding and I miss it. When things get better, my DPS spec should be as close to pre-raid BiS as I’m likely to get, and I can certainly pull the PS numbers when I need to.

Looking forward to trying for the new mounts. I’d like to get my hunter alt the tiger, as she’s still butthurt over having to faction change and losing her lovely nightsaber to an ugly green chicken. As  for me, for now, I’m still pretty happy with the Kor’kron Annihilator.

That’s where I am at the start of 4.1, how are you doing?


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