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And here we are with 4.2

Seems like I was just getting 4.1 down when 4.2 comes along. We’re helping the Guardians of Hyjal invade the Firelands and take the fight to Ragnaros.

Expect fire. Lots and lots and lots of fire. Fire that is on fire, with the threat of still more fire. Ragnaros  has one trick, and he beats it to death with a rock that is on fire.

Good news this patch, we have Guardians of Hyjal dailies to grind that rep for you completists. Bad news, we have Guardians of Hyjal dailies for you to grind Marks of Hyjal with. You need something over six hundred of them to get everything unlocked.

Also, Hungering Cold got nerfed with a cast time and Glyph of Dark Succor got nerfed by only working for 20 sec after a kill that grants experience or honor. Farewell, awesome self-healing.

That’s where I am this patch. I may or may not grind for the mount, but so far I’m not bored with the new content.

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