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I Guess This Is Why They Call It “Grinding Rep”

So I unlocked the Guardians of Hyjal dailies to get that last faction to Exalted without having to grind dungeons for it.


This may have been in error.


Not the whole “fighting for the forces of life against those who would destroy it” thing. The feelings of being on the wrong side are lessening, and this worries me. No, it’s that the druids are so, well, vitalist.

I’m not unfamiliar with them. I have even spent time among the Tauren honoring their Earthmother. This is different. I haven’t spent a lot of time in protracted battle alongside druids before and, well, they react to the stress of battle…oddly.

Case in point. One of them gives me a jar of salve and sends me out to heal the injured. Odd choice, but I keep my ghoul from eating the vial and set out. Now I don’t know what is in that salve or perhaps it was mere gratitude but when I’d heal one of the druids, male or female, Tauren or Night Elf, they’d often promise to “look me up after the battle” for a “special thank you” and I don’t think they’re talking about standing me to a round of drinks at the tavern.

Okay, maybe I’m reading too much into that. But that sappy sweet dryad is  hanging around, and she wants me to go pry morsels, err, bear cubs out of the trees. I’ve learned to tune her out lest her prattle drive me mad, so she surprised me by THROWING HER ARMS AROUND ME AND BURYING MY FACE IN HER BREASTS. No, really. It was in the quest text and everything. And I am short and slender and those things are enormous. It was like drowning in forest-scented pillows, except that I don’t have to breathe.

I think the living have forgotten that I’m an animated corpse. Will I forget it too? If I keep doing this, will I lose myself in their simple, vitalist gratitude and do things that we will all regret later? It’s a mark of how far I’ve fallen already that these questions actually occur to me to ask.

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