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And I’m in. Death Knight meets…the Future.

Warning: There are screenshots in this post. You can use the scroll bar at the bottom to see them. At some point I’ll change it to linked  thumbnails, if I figure out how and if it matters.


Astoundingly, I actually got a beta invite for Mists of Pandaria. I was expecting to get in six hours before the expansion went live.

Took me some time to download the beta installer to my steam-powered gnomish computing device, but now I have a sneak peek into the future.


Say hello to Future Me:


Future Me Screenshot. Look, Arthas, no addons!

Future Me Screenshot. Look, Arthas, no addons!


Future Me doesn’t look much different than I do, as yet. That should be a geist with me, as I’m having issues with minor glyphs, but I guess they haven’t added the new graphics yet.

I also made a couple of monks, a Blood Elf because I am intimately familiar with the Blood Elf starting zones, and a panda because I’m not. Let me post a couple more enormous screenshots:

Don't worry! I am so keeping you, Moodytestmnk!

The Pandaren models are good. Really good. And with the face/skin/hair previews, character customization, though not nearly where I’d like it to be, is a lot nicer than Cataclysm.

Went ahead and made a panda, because why not.


So far I haven’t found any bugs that weren’t already reported, and it is a testament to gnomish engineering that my panda can move in the horribly, awesomely crowded pandaren starting zone.

Going to try to level my BE as tank and my panda as heals or maybe just questing. As alll my nascent Brewmaster can do at this point is hurl kegs, and I  hear that lowbie monk  healers have one expensive heal on cooldown, I reserve the right to change my mind on this.

I’ll also work on the new Unholy tree talents and let you know what I think.



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