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Well, here we are.

Yes, I start a crappy little WoW blog during BlizzCon. When I’m not at it.

Because that’s just the way I roll.

Expect the look and feel to vary wildly as I search the Interwebs for a template more kawaii and deathgrippy.

So, here I’ll do stuff like talk about builds from Elitist Jerks in a less elitist and hopefully not as jerklike fashion, discuss deathknight-related news and info that I come across, and other random bits that I’ll inflict on you as I find them interesting.

And both Thrall and Tirion made me promise to stop consuming the souls of the living, so you’re safe here. Well, safe-ish. Safelike.

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2 Responses

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  1. ILikeBubbles says

    Oh look, an Emo DK!


    (ilu, welcome to bloggerhood, don't hurt me please)

  2. Moody the DK says

    Pallies are yummy – but I can never figure out how to get through the hard candy shell.

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