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Tournament of Champions – 25 Man Raid.

Another guild on my server offered to team up with our guild to run ToC 25 man last Sunday night. Apparently we’ve been doing this for a while.

What was different about this time was that I was invited. And initially, at least, I was the only DPS plate wearer.

So how did it go?

Well, it was our second try at Faction Champions before I stopped dying thirty, forty-five seconds into the pull.  I was, however, more central to the raid than I thought – even though another DK showed up, it was my job to pull the opposing shaman in Faction Champions to the welcoming embrace of my Army of the Dead.

And another death knight showed up. But, I was saved from rolling off against him as absolutely no DK or plate DPS gear dropped. Not. A. One.

I did win the /roll for the first Trophy of the Crusader. Wheee. Now I just need 75 Triumph badges and I can buy one of the best-in-slot pieces in the game. Of course, right now I have *three* Triumph badges.

Still, the experienced raiders were talking about failDKs, and they weren’t talking about me. They’d actually take me again – even though it was midnight before I’d finally cried uncle, and I’m pretty sure I slept through the last two Anub’arak pulls.

Hopefully this becomes a weekly thing. Hopefully we get together at 8 pm next time, and not 9 pm. Hopefully I can do this again.

For now, though, I have a trophy.

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