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Happy New Year, And About Arthas Damned Time Too

Yes, I’m going to try to post more in the New Year. Yes, I understand that this isn’t a great start.

This year, I hope to get my ravasaur up and running – getting kinda sick of the base Deathcharger. As you can see, I’ve finally taken the plunge and ditched Mining for Jewelcrafting.

People tell me with JC I’ll be making gold hand over fist. I’ve heard that tune before.

The guild is starting a new raid ranking system that will hopefully allow us to schedule raids  for the hardcore raiders, casual raiders and train the new 80s – while leaving us with room to schedule events for the non-raiders. I’ll post more about it in a while – I want to see how it’s working first.

You can tell I’ve run into some gear upgrades, I’m officially at tier 9 now. Go me. Would like to hit T10 before Cataclysm, but we’ll see.

So, for this year my goals are:

  • Get T10 before Cataclysm. Not setting my heart on this one.
  • Getting my Ravasaur mount. Have four baby teeth already.
  • See some ICC 10 and ICC 25 end-game content. Without being carried.
  • Get JC up to max before Cataclysm. Like the guild needs yet another JC.
  • And pony up my Argent Gruntling. Poor little guy’s been through enough. Though I should make him steal a horse, then kill it and make him fight a shadow rider for it in the netherworld. Kids these days.

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  1. jnfr says

    Love the Ravasaurs!

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