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Why I Despise the Crusader Brindenbrad Chain

Hi! I’d like to discuss the most frustrating and annoying quest chain, from a roleplaying perspective, for Death Knights in Icecrown. The quest chain that, without argument, I display as the reason so many of us DKs are emo.

I refer of course, to the Crusader Brindenbrad chain in Icecrown starting with A Tale of Valor and ending with Light Within the Darkness.

Thirteen quests that do nothing but rub your Arthas-raised nose in how you weren’t good enough.

Yeah, there will be spoilers if you haven’t gotten around to doing this quest chain. Deal.

Crusader Brindenbrad was a hero, rescuing over a dozen men at the invasion of Icecrown. Well, if you remember the starting video when you rolled your Death Knight, so were you. Remember, something about “falling to buy the world another dawn”? Yeah.

Crusader Brindenbrad gets the personal attention of Highlord Tirion Fordring. You get a footnote in a book.

You run all over begging the help of Keeper RemulosAlexstrazsa, even A’dal himself to get this guy cured of the Scourge plague so that he isn’t raised as an undead in the service of the Lich King. Like you were.

And at the end, after praising your selflessness in running all over Creation like you’ve been doing for the past twenty-five levels only without killing things, A’dal drops this little gem:

A’dal says: The light does not abandon its champions.

Yeah, you know what? Except. For. You. Just fuck off, A’dal. Thanks a fucking bunch. Hope the souls of all the innocents we butchered ’cause you couldn’t be bothered to give us the Brindenbrad treatment weigh lightly on you.


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  1. DkosMama says

    Hi Moody. Just wanted to pop over and say “Hi”

    There, I’ve said it.

  2. jnfr says

    I wish your posts had dates on them so I would know how late I am in replying 🙂

  3. admin says

    Hmm. I should look at that. It may be the theme.

  4. maachen says

    I have that feeling everytime I get sent into a dungeon by some 100k hp elite. “WTF aren’t you in there, schmuck?” My health is 16k, you jerk. & what’s with Tirion sending us into a frigging coliseum to risk our lives even more?

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