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Oh, VoA and Onyxia, btw.

Oh, by the way, got Vault of Archavon 10 and Onyxia 10 last night, in my “pinch-hitter/casual raider” role. The hardcore raid leader wishes I had the schedule and lack of family aggro needed for the twice-weekly Ulduar hardmodes and ICC raids.

High praise considering I was only vaguely familiar with Ony and not at all with VoA. And I wasn’t on Vent. *And* I was watching National Treasure 2 at the time.

I wanted to take the head in and get the praise for it while that’s still possible, but a guildie needed the ring, so I gave him Onyxia’s head. I am a good guildie. Well, they did give me a ton of Jewelcrafting mats this morning.

But, that’s two more raids under my belt. The list of endgame content I haven’t seen grows thin.

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