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Level a Healer to 80 Month.

My guild is talking about having a “Level a Healer to 80 Month” for all us DKs.

Most of my guildies that are running DKs have high-level characters on other servers – and are one character transfer away from an 80 healer.

I, on the other hand,  don’t have an 80 anywhere except me.

So, as I’m not certain that this is serious enough to rail against – and by Arthas we do need healers – how do I go about getting a healer to 80 in one month, on two hours a day of playtime at best?

Well, I could cheat. I could level a paladin or druid as dps, then respec. The only heirlooms I have handy are cloth, though. Also, I do have a lowbie shaman, but I’m completely unfamiliar with the class.

So, let’s discuss. How can I ding 80 on a healer by Feb 28 without going crazy? Er. Crazier.

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  1. Psynister says

    Level a Prot Paladin and dual/re-spec Holy at 80.

    Level a Resto Druid sticking almost entirely to using Random Dungeons. Or level as kitty.

    Level the Shaman as Enhancement.

    Or if you really want to do it quickly, then find a friend or relative that’s willing to do RAF with you to get you up to 60 as soon as possible (using the new dungeon finder is insanely fast for leveling RAF with RAF bonus plus group bonus) and then level on to 80 from there.

    If you want to make use of your heirloom gear then go for either a Priest, Druid, or Shaman. Cloth gear on a druid isn’t that bad since it’s fairly easy to root and nuke if you’re forced into combat. A shaman though is almost always forced into melee in one way or another, so cloth gear won’t work quite so well there save for the shoulders.

  2. No Blood for Hubris says

    It’s level a healer to 80 month? who knew?!!

  3. @valkyrierisen says

    So, my paladin was 31 November 11th and she hit 80 at the end of december. I guess it is possible to compress it into a month, not sure tho with those time limits. So I heavily push finding a friend or guildy to RAF with, no matter which class you choose. (choosing will be the hard part!)

  4. sirfwalgman says

    I started a shammy about a week ago. Few hours a night. Level 42 now. LFG is AWESOME to get your character up. What I do is go to a questing area. Get all quests. Do them while waiting on LFG. Pop into LFG 1-2x per level for the lower level stuff. Turn in a bunch of quests at hubs. Really level fast.

    Paladins are fun to level. I had a nice prot spec that just grabbed a bunch of mobs and with the right spec he basically just got healed by their hitting him. Lot of fun. Shammy is a TON of fun. I am leveling Enhancement. Kill fast. Keep mana a lot with my mana shield and mana totem. Really enjoying it.

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