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I am so, so sorry.

A couple of “what if’s” and “wonder what that’s like”s got together and kicked my ass a while back, and I couldn’t rest till I got it out.

I was hoping if I published it, that it would get out of my head and leave me alone. Sadly, this appears not to be the case, as I’ve already had to revise my first draft.

And yes, I am become “that” writer.

Wintergrasp Word 2007

Second story complete.

Dalaran Word 2007

Third story complete.

Rescued Word 2007

If you want to read fiction from another author, a deathknight friend of mine has asked for a space to post her work as well. Ladies and gentlemen, Nashiira:

Hello, I’m Nashiira, a fellow knight of the Ebon Blade.  Recently Moody and I went back and forth discussing death knights in lore, how they would act in certain situations and all-around how one walks around all death knight-y.  With how little information Blizzard has given us within the game we soon discovered that, in her words, we were essentially writing the book on death knights.  We also discovered that independently we often came up with similar answers.  When creating my new death knight on release day of Wrath of the Lich King, I made her in the image of a priest I had then doubted I would be using much any more.  In a first for me I created back story for one of my characters, saying my priestess had died and had been risen as a death knight.  As time went on, in the back of my head, a story as developing and I was enjoying it enough that I started writing things down.  Bits here and there lead to another and another enough that an actual tale started to form.  I’ve shared it with a few people over time, received some input, made considerable changes and have finally reached a point where I feel comfortable enough to share it.  Prodding from some certainly helped.  Since Moody was a great inspiration to go back and clean it up in the first place and that she also recently posted a fiction section for her own work, I asked her if she minded hosting for me.  I am most certainly still an amateur and in my mind it shows, however I know we’re all our own worst critic.  I still consider it a work in progress and I’m also working on a continuation.

If you’d like to reach me you may e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter at @NDMiko.

Here’s Nashiira’s work, which I have, with a burst of creativity and insight, titled “Nashiira“. In Word 2007/OpenOffice docx format.

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