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Moody for the Horde

Moody for the Horde

Yes, yet another crappy little WoW blog. You may also find badly misapplied Japanese cultural references and other randomness.

Who am I? I am Moodyloner, level 100 Blood Elf Death Knight. I’m part of the Wreck List guild over on the Garrosh server. Mostly, I DPS and off-tank in raids.

I do not want to date your avatar. I may consume your avatar’s living soul, but only after drinks.

Well, you can see my Armory here. Currently my main spec is Unholy for DPS, and my secondary is Blood for tanking. Generally, I’m a casual player – right now I’m getting ready for Legion, doing garrison dailies and Archaeology, searching out Blacksmithing patterns, and pitching in on guild runs.

As far as RP goes, I maintain the right to retcon this as I learn new lore, but I  was disembowelled by an abomination in the Plaguelands and raised as a deathknight by Arthas, the Lich King and his necromancers. I either don’t remember or don’t discuss my life beforehand, and until recently I was a ravening monster who would consume your soul as soon as look at you.

But, I’m slowly regaining awareness and self-control, so you’re safe here. Well, safe-ish.

Oh, people have been wondering what I look like in real life, so here you go:

Is this really me? Oh hell no. It’s Adrianne Curry – but it’s also what you’re usually asking for when you ask for a pic of me in-game. If believing that I look like this will help you do your job in the PuG or raid better, then go right ahead.

Just wash your hands when you’re done.

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