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Fan Art and Pinups

"Scourge Strike" Moody DK pinup.

First Pinup! "Scourge Strike" by Ginny.

Moody DK Post-It portrait by Loreli at AoD Studios

Moody DK Post-It portrait by Loreli at AoD Studios

Fanart by

Fanart nude by Aymee

As you can see, I got my first commission back! “Scourge Strike” by Ginny is meant to convey 40’s pinup or WWII bomber nose cone art. You can also see it at her deviantart page or her newgrounds page – it looks better at newgrounds.

Loreli at AoD studios drew one of her famous post-it portraits of me! Contact her here. Looks like I owe another “DGmy<3” icon. I need to make one. Today.

Aymee’s blog: Sketch Suppression. Go visit, and I’ll send you a “DG my <3 contributor” icon…as soon as I make one 😉 Love the picture and thank you !

Fan art submissions and suggestions for artists can be sent to I retain the right to have final say over a piece, and to post it or not at my sole discretion. That said, I expect wildly NSFW pics.

Note that Ginny’s banners accurately convey my figure and skin tone. I’m sewn up from below my navel to below my ribcage from being disemboweled.  Pics of me pre-deathknight will be summarily dismissed unless you want to help me write a lore-appropriate (sans catgirls and sparkly vampire) background and explanation.  I know you’re trying to flatter me if you draw me with D-cups, but please don’t.

So, those are the rules, such as they are. Contributors whose pics are selected for display will get something – probably a crudely-drawn “DKmy<3 Pinup Contributor” icon or something.

When I can scrape up enough for a commission, I’ll arrange for the pinup and go to the next artist on the list.

Suggestions appreciated.


immamoonkin (finished! 😉 )





TurboTauren (awesomely, wildly NSFW)

grinningrobot (if I can find contact info)

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